Talk: Mapping the Ramsey-like cardinals


On December 18, I will be giving an invited talk at the Bonn Logic Seminar.

Abstract. Ramsey-like cardinals were introduced in Gitman (2011) and Gitman & Welch (2011), broadly speaking being cardinals \kappa that are critical points of elementary embeddings from a size \kappa \textsf{ZFC}^--model. Recently, Holy & Schlicht (2017) have introduced a new large cardinal into the Ramsey-like family, called (strategic) \alpha-Ramsey cardinals, whose distinctive feature is that they admit a game-theoretic characterisation. I will present some new results concerning how these Ramsey-like cardinals fit into the large cardinal hierarchy and how they interact with the core model K.

This is joint work with Philip Welch.

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