Git repositories

I’ve recently switched to Git, which among other things makes it possible for me to share most of my set theory documents (like theses, projects, notes and diagrams). This of course includes the pdfs, but also the tex files. So if there’s anything you might use, feel free to grab it. Also, if you spot any mistakes and/or typos, you can fix them if you want and make a pull request. Exciting!

Here’s a link to all my public repositories, which includes the following:

  • Diagrams, containing all the diagrams in my diagrams section on this website and more;
  • BSc-thesis, containing my bachelor’s thesis on the constructible universe L;
  • Notes-and-talks, containing a lot of notes I’ve written and talks I’ve given over the years;
  • Determinacy-project, containing a project I did during my master’s on determinacy;
  • MSc-thesis, containing my master’s thesis on inner model theory;
  • Basic-tex-template, which I use whenever I want to write a new paper or note.

Hope you find it useful.