I have a habit of producing various diagrams to get an overview of different areas of set theory. As others might also benefit from these, here are some high quality pdfs of them. For almost all the diagrams there’s an accompanying blog post describing it, which I’ll link to as well. All my diagrams can also be found on Github, which includes the graphml files.

  • Compatibility between closure and antichains of forcings – pdf • blogpost

  • Consistency implications between Ramsey-like cardinals – pdf • blogpost

  • Direct implications between Ramsey-like cardinals – pdf • blogpost

  • Is \bf\Sigma^{J_\alpha(\mathbb R)}_n scaled? A flowchart – pdf • blogpost

  • Interactions between different consistency hierarchies – pdf • blogpost

  • Threadable, reflecting and Mahlo hierarchies below weakly compacts – pdf • blogpost

  • Consistency strength of forcing axioms – pdf blogpost

  • ZFC determinacy of games based on payoff complexity, length and objects played – pdfblogpost

  • Large cardinals and determinacy theories between Woodin and superstrong – pdf • blogpost

  •  A coarse overview of the large cardinals – pdf