Bristol tutorials

This site is for my tutees at Bristol University. I’ll be uploading my notes from our tutorials onto this website, as well as providing some basic overall information.

Some info

I’m a third year PhD student in mathematical logic here at Bristol uni. My email is myfirstname dot mylastname at bristol dot ac dot uk, with suitable ‘dot’s and ‘at’s replaced with .’s and @’s, ‘myfirstname’ replaced with my first name and ‘mylastname’ with my last name. All homeworks are to put in my pigeon hole at the ground floor of the Maths building.

Mathematics 1A20

  • The Unit Organiser is Yves Tourigny.
  • Yves will be lecturing in weeks 1-6 and Maria Zaturska in weeks 7-12.
  • Yves is based in Howard House, Room 2.08, and has office hours every Wednesday 10:00-10:50.
  • Maria is based in the Maths building, Room 1.4, and has office hours every Wednesday 10:30-11:30
  • You can find more information about the unit, including assessment, here.

There’ll be weekly mandatory homeworks. These will be set every Thursday and should be handed in on the Tuesday the following week.

Tutorial notes